Upcoming Barbeque!!

Hey Everyone!!  The date for the lunch barbeque is Thursday, October 6th, at high noon behind ceramics.

See you there.



Good meeting today!

Good meeting today!  Jay Whitman is going to be sending out more specific information about what we talked about, but I just wanted to send something out about the Dirt Bags Council and our blog.

The council is our governing structure, we use this method rather than president/vice president, etc.  This way the duties of organizing the group are more balanced among the Council members and less weighed on one person.  Anyway, we need to elect our Council for this year.  At the meeting, three people nominated themselves to run for Council – Stephanie Smith, Jay Whitman, and Amelia Wise.  In the past, we have had a council of six (but its not necessary to have that exact number), so if you are interested in being on the Council – please e-mail me at harperba@ius.edu so that I can put you on the list.

We also took down names and email addresses for people that wanted to be authors on the Dirt Bags blog.  Again, please email me at harperba@ius.edu if you want to be able to contribute to the blog.

AND … our facebook group is at http://www.facebook.com/groups/thedirtbags/ so go there and connect up with that.  Our Facebook page will serve as our method of communicating and our blog will be more of an archive of stuff that we do (and maybe some discussion)

So, keep an eye out for Jay’s e-mail later.

We are all Dirt Bags.


Minutes from Oct. 14th meeting

Dear Fellow Dirtbags,

During today’s meeting we had general discussion about some upcoming events, including possible
new events, and we have made some plans for them accordingly.  The remaining Dirt Bags related events
for this semester are:

– October 27th, Possible collaboration with the the Arts Council in New Albany with an art sale (Troy is attaining more details)
– October 28th, Raku Potluck 2: The Search for Fire
– October 29th (tentative), Halloween Party (Kirsten will be gathering confirmation of times and other details)
– November 18th,  The Dirt Bags Art Sale

Details about the Art Sale Collaboration with the Arts Council  and the Halloween Party will be emailed
out as Troy and Kirsten get them
The 2nd Raku Potluck will be slightly different from the last one as the actual Raku firing will begin earlier than the “Party” itself
If you are interested in getting one of your pieces fired, or if you would like to bring some food, sign up on the blackboard in ceramics
Time: Show up food in tow @ 7ish – Whenever
The Dirt Bags Art Sale was discussed at the meeting and so far here is a list of who has volunteered to do what jobs:

– Facebook Event: Kirsten
– Fliers: Alicia
– Press release: Sue
– Leo: Jay
– Get tables from maintenance department: Brian
– Coffee pot cleaner: Ashley
– Buy Donuts: dirt bags
– Email to the faculty: Brian
– Informational Flier: Philip

if you would like to sell your work at the Dirt Bags Art Sale, understand that 50% of your sales go to benefit the Dirt Bags Art Club and
Bring the work you would like to sell to the Ceramics Studio after 4:30pm the night before the sale

Sign-up for shifts to work the Art Sale will be up in the ceramics studio soon.
We also discussed having a reject show for the work that gets rejected from the student show, but no definite details
have been officially decided upon.
– There will be a vote for the ye or nay on the 27th art sale
– Shifts for the DB Art Sale
– Confirm Dates and times for tentative events
Last but not least, if some of you get this email really soon, be a minch and head over to the SpaceLab to see some really fly paintings by Kristy Leverock

If someone who attended the meeting notices I missed something please bring that to our attention, otherwise




Minutes from 9/23 meeting

prepared by Phillip Collins:

Dear Fellow Dirtbageons,

During today’s meeting (12:15, September 23rd) we accomplished many things including:

– Revision and adoption of the original Dirt Bags mission statement
– The decision was made that the council jobs would be assigned as needed, and not on a permanent basis
– We assembled a list of Dirt Bags related events, and in chronological order they are:
– Potluck Raku Party (Sept. 30, Next Thursday)
– An Official Dirt Bags Space Lab Exhibition (Oct. 7, Thursday)
– The Dirt Bags Art Sale (Nov. 18, Thursday)
– Halloween Party Sponsored by The Dirt Bags (Oct. 29, Friday)
– Art Cartel – Comedy, Tragedy or Both Show (Oct. 23, Sunday)

Information about individual events

Potluck Raku Party
Location: Ceramics Loading Dock
Time:  September 30th (next Thursday) @ 7p-ish
Bring: Some food(optional)
Come hang out and watch stuff burn

Dirt Bags Space Lab Exhibition
Installation @ 1:15p October 6 (Wednesday)
Opening @ 5p until 6p
This show is open to any Dirt Bags Members who want to display their work
Interested?  Reply to this email

The Dirt Bags Art Sale
Location: In front of Bar Gallery
Time: November 18th (Thursday)
Setup starts 8 – sign-up to help setup and monitoring of the sale is on the blackboard in Ceramics Studio
Sales starts at 10am – 7pm

Art Cartel Show
When: Oct 23 (Saturday) from 7p to 1230a
Where: The Seigenheim  —  802 E Broadway Louisville Ky
Deadline for submission: is October 10th Sunday
Theme: Comedy, Tragedy or Both
must be 18
5$ at the door
Interested?  Check out Art Cartel on Facebook for more information

if there is anything I forgot I apologize,  Please reply to the group if there is anything else to add

Info from 9/16 meeting

Today at the meeting, we spent most of the time talking about what the governing duties should be for the Dirt Bags Council.  It was agreed upon that the persons responsible for each duty would also be responsible for designing and working with others in the group to get whatever they are working on done.

The jobs so far are:

Public Relations:
– creating publicity materials for events
– getting the word out about the Dirt Bags and events that are taking place
– identify venues for where to get the word out (newspapers, websites, etc.)

Event Coordinators:
– brainstorming and taking advice from members about events to plan
– finding venues for events
– planning and designating jobs that need to be done to implement proposed events
– follow through with desired events

Visiting Artist Ambassador:
– assisting visiting artists
– coordinating events related to workshop/lecture

Recruitment Officers:
– getting word out about meetings
– getting word out what we do, who we are, how to join
– collect e-mail addresses from prospective members

– taking notes at meetings
– writing down the minutes from meetings and posting them on the blog/website

– planning and organizing the food to be consumed at meetings and events

We also confirmed the date for the Holiday Sale – November 18th, 2010.  Please e-mail me if you foresee any problems.

We discussed how we could implement a way that there is only one e-mail list of the current members.  We talked about how we need to have the list be accessible by all of you.  So, a few minutes ago, I set up this e-mail account for us to use – iusdirtbags@gmail.com.  I will send out the password in the next e-mail, but first I would like to see if there are people that are on the list that don’t want to be.

The next meeting is next Thursday, 9/23 from 12:15 – 1:00 in the ceramics studio.  Items on the agenda so far are:  more discussion on duties and responsibilities, generating an event list, and the mission statement

That’s it for now!

See you in the studio
Prof. brian

Info from Sept. 9th meeting

Morning Everyone,

Just thought I would fill you in on the details from the Dirt Bags meeting today:

  • we discussed what the governing structure of the Dirt Bags will be for the upcoming year and whether or not we will use a governing council (as we did last semester) or elect a president, vice president, etc.  After discussion, we voted to elect members of a governing council.
  • It was decided that anyone that is interested in running for Dirt Bags Council needs to e-mail me to put their names on the ballot before this Friday at noon
  • Over the weekend, I will compile the names into a ballot and we will vote by e-mail during the first part of next week (probably Mon and Tues) and after the ballots are counted, I will e-mail everyone with the list of the new council members
  • We have scheduled another meeting Thursday, Sept. 16th from 12:15 – 1:00pm during which we will discuss further plans and objectives
  • Shawn talked about how Preston’s has offered to help the Dirt Bags in some way and asked that everyone brainstorm ideas for how they can help us out – we will talk about this at next week’s meeting
  • We tentatively set the date for the Fall Art Sale on Nov. 18th – Please check your calendars to see if you notice any time conflicts or problems with this date – we will confirm this date at the next meeting.

Remember to e-mail me your name right away if you are interested in being a Dirt Bag Council Member!!!  The names are due before NOON this FRIDAY!!

And mark your calendars for a week from this Thursday – 12:15pm (not 12:30 like today)

That’s it for now!

See you in the studio.

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