Minutes from meetings

Minutes from 11/14/11


Dec. 1st Sale-

The Details-

  • Date- Thursday, December 1st
  • Time- Set up- 7:30am-9am. Sale-9am-7pm. Clean up- 7pm



  • Fliers– Dan will be working on fliers for the sale that will include the campus address so they can be posted on and off campus.
  • Newspaper- Dan will try to contact the Leo and Jay will try to contact the Tribune to get an ad for the sale posted.
  • Campus-wide E-mail– Brian will be sending out a campus-wide E-mail
  • Misc.– We still want to make arrangements for the marquee at the entrance to campus and are looking for more suggestions to help get the word out.



  • Participants- Anyone interested in selling work is encouraged to sign up on the board in the ceramics studio. If you can’t make it there, please E-mail iusdirtbags@gmail.com to let us know of your interest. This will help us plan for space and how many tables we need or any special arrangements we need to make.
  • Workers- There is a sign up on the board in the ceramics studio for those interested in working at the sale. The list is set up in hours, so volunteers can block in whatever time they have available. We would like to have at least two people working the sale at all times.



  • We are still trying to find out about the “Official” status of the club. Stephanie had talked to someone in Campus Life who had told her that votes happen on Friday. Brian and Jay have also been trying to contact Campus Life about finding out if we will reach “Official” status before the sale. This will determine much of how our transactions are handled at the sale and we will send out an update as soon as more information is known. In the meantime, Jay will be looking into options for being able to accept credit cards in case the club gets it’s account at the IUS Credit Union before Dec. 1st.

Next Meeting- Monday, November 21st at 4:30pm in the Ceramics Studio.




Minutes from 9/26/11

Good Evening Everyone!
For those who weren’t able to make it to the first meeting of the year, here’s a recap of all you missed:

Dirt Bags Council-
We discussed the governing structure of the Dirt Bags and decided to continue using the Council. So far, Stephanie Smith, Amelia Wise, and myself have thrown our names in for the positions. Anyone else interested in serving on the council should send an email to iusdirtbags@gmail.com to make sure we know who is wanting to get involved.

Connecting with New Students-
We had discussed different ways make ourselves known and to let the students who are interested in joining an art club know about the Dirt Bags.

We decided to host an event (A Raku-beque at lunchtime (Noon) on Tuesday, October 6th. and visit all of the art classes to provide information about who we are and to invite everyone to attend. We will have a list of current art classes at the next meeting and will be looking for volunteers to sign up to visit the classrooms.

We had also discussed creating posters in different mediums to be posted up around campus. We have left the designs to those who wish to create the posters and are looking for a message that lets everyone know that the Dirt Bags are not just a ceramics club, but a club for all mediums. We also wanted the posters to have our contact information on them: iusdirtbags@gmail.com, thedirtbags.wordpress.com, and http://www.facebook.com/groups/thedirtbags.

Featured Dirtbag-
We talked about having a bi-weekly post on the Facebook group featuring an individual artist from the Dirtbags.

Identity/Mission Statement-
We concluded the meeting by asking everyone to brainstorm about what our mission is, what kind of identity do we want the club to have, and what is the future direction we would like to see in the Dirt Bags. We hope everyone will bring their ideas to the next meeting for discussion. This is your chance to help define the Dirt Bags, re-imagine our mission and identity, and to add your voice to the club’s future.

Next Meeting-
Our next meeting is scheduled for a week from today, October 3rd, at 4:30pm. We are having difficulty figuring out what times are best for meetings, so if there is a time that works better for everyone, please email us at iusdirtbags@gmail.com so we know everyone’s availability and we can make adjustments if possible.

I hope to see everyone at the next meeting!

Minutes from 10/14/10

Dear Fellow Dirtbags,

During today’s meeting we had general discussion about some upcoming events, including possible
new events, and we have made some plans for them accordingly. The remaining Dirt Bags related events
for this semester are:

– October 27th, Possible collaboration with the the Arts Council in New Albany with an art sale (Troy is attaining more details)
– October 28th, Raku Potluck 2: The Search for Fire
– October 29th (tentative), Halloween Party (Kirsten will be gathering confirmation of times and other details)
– November 18th, The Dirt Bags Art Sale

Details about the Art Sale Collaboration with the Arts Council and the Halloween Party will be emailed
out as Troy and Kirsten get them
The 2nd Raku Potluck will be slightly different from the last one as the actual Raku firing will begin earlier than the “Party” itself
If you are interested in getting one of your pieces fired, or if you would like to bring some food, sign up on the blackboard in ceramics
Time: Show up food in tow @ 7ish – Whenever
The Dirt Bags Art Sale was discussed at the meeting and so far here is a list of who has volunteered to do what jobs:

– Facebook Event: Kirsten
– Fliers: Alicia
– Press release: Sue
– Leo: Jay
– Get tables from maintenance department: Brian
– Coffee pot cleaner: Ashley
– Buy Donuts: dirt bags
– Email to the faculty: Brian
– Informational Flier: Philip

if you would like to sell your work at the Dirt Bags Art Sale, understand that 50% of your sales go to benefit the Dirt Bags Art Club and
Bring the work you would like to sell to the Ceramics Studio after 4:30pm the night before the sale

Sign-up for shifts to work the Art Sale will be up in the ceramics studio soon.
We also discussed having a reject show for the work that gets rejected from the student show, but no definite details
have been officially decided upon.
– There will be a vote for the ye or nay on the 27th art sale
– Shifts for the DB Art Sale
– Confirm Dates and times for tentative events
Last but not least, if some of you get this email really soon, be a minch and head over to the SpaceLab to see some really fly paintings by Kristy Leverock

If someone who attended the meeting notices I missed something please bring that to our attention, otherwise




4 thoughts on “Minutes from meetings

  1. Prof. Brian says:

    Here are the minutes from the very first meeting – October 13th, 2008:

    Morning Dirt Bags. Well, I feel that we had a successful first meeting, although we missed a few of you. Don’t worry you WILL be filled in on all the details shortly. In an effort to make sure everyone is available to attend the next meeting, we have scheduled it for 5:00 pm on Tuesday, the 21st of October in the year 2008.

    At the meeting, we talked about a number of important things . . . of course we decided on a name for this allusive club – and you know by now it is indeed The Dirt Bags. We did a little brainstorming of potential fund raising ideas, ate some food, talked about the future, etc. etc.

    For those of you that are interested, there will be a more thorough update during the week…

    Prof. Brian

    Here are the minutes from the Oct. 21 meeting:

    Alrighty, if you were not at the meeting or you have forgotten what we talked about already – here’s a synopsis of the dialogue:

    present at the meeting were: Angel, Kristy Ho, Kristy Leverock, Ben, Troy, Andrea, Rob, Eric, and me

    1. We talked about how we as a group would like to pursue recognition from IUS by becoming an officially recognized group on campus. Here’s the IUS Guidelines for that: click here and the Intent to Organize .pdf: click here

    2. We discussed the need to have elected officers and decided we would start with a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    3. We talked about who would be interested in being an officer. If you were not there, DO NOT WORRY – just e-mail me and I’ll put you on this list.

    Interested in the Presidency are: Ashley Bell, Ben Hammond.

    Interested in the Vice Presidency are: Troy Haggard, Ashley Bell, and Eric Helton.

    Interested in being the Treasurer are: Troy Haggard, Ashley Bell, Mike Hayes

    Interested in being Secretary are: Troy Haggard, Ashley Bell

    4. We decided that at the next meeting, we will vote and nominate officers – whose first job will be to do the paperwork to make us “official”

    5. We discussed what our purpose is as a group. Ideas were: building a sense of community within the ceramic studio, educational opportunities (bringing in visiting artists, etc), community outreach, fundraising

    6. We discussed the list of ideas Mike Hayes brought in. Please look at the page on this blog called “Mike’s Ideas”

    7. We discussed my role as a faculty ADVISOR – it’s your group, so take ownership and Git’ er DONE!

    8. We concluded the meeting by decided when the next meeting will be: 4:30pm Thursday, October 30th, 2008

    Did I miss anything? Probably. Just let me know and we’ll add it to this list.

    See you in the studio.

    Prof. Brian

  2. Prof. Brian says:

    Here are the minutes from the Oct. 30th meeting:

    Present at the meeting: Michael, Angel, Eric, Ashley, Alicia, Rob, Troy, both Kristys, Ben, Kristin, Brick, Chris, Mike, and Prof. Brian

    – We voted to elect our officials.
    – We talked about the role of the Faculty Advisor – that of an advisor – this is your group. Have a take and don’t suck.
    – We talked about the idea of working with the Art Club and having the Art Club be the umbrella club for all of the art department groups. This may make alot of sense financially.
    – We set a date for the Art Sale – Nov. 20th
    – We discussed the Rain Barrel project and decided that we were going to do it.
    – Recycling idea – ideas were discussed about how we can offer a better recycling plan for the art department – one that might even be a fundraiser. Ashley Bell brought information on this and she is working on the logistics.
    – Art Crits Idea – If anyone wants some help, input, ideas, or inspiration from the group about their projects we could talk about that at the meetings. maybe have separate crits?
    – Group outings – hiking trips, cool things to do, etc.
    – Mud Wrestling??

    if I missed something, just let me know.

  3. Prof. Brian says:

    Here are the minutes from the Nov. 13th meeting:

    This meeting was a bit choppy, but we did discuss a number of important things.
    Present at the meeting: Ben, Troy, Ashley, Eric, Alicia, Kristin, Mike, Laurel, Kristy Leverock, Rob Wooley, Kristy Ho, Brick, and Prof. Brian,

    – the idea for the Rain Barrel Project is a continuous image of a human brain. of course it’s a word play on the “brain-barrel”, but additionally it is a reference to a “smart” way of living. Ben completed the application and Laurel Streible will be picking it up for submission.

    – the date of Art Sale has been changed. it is now on December 4th. it will be from 9am to 6pm and duties for set-up and take-down with be divided up later. the extended date this will allow more time to finish objects for the sale, get ads out, prepare our financial coffers, etc. We talked about how this is an Art Sale, not just a ceramics sale. Everyone is welcome.

    – the jobs of advertising the sale were divided up as follows:
    e-mail to faculty/students – Prof. Brian
    IUS Website – Prof. Brian
    Oncourse announcement – Prof. Brian
    The Planet – Ben
    The Horizon – Ashley
    New Albany Tribune – Ashley
    Leo – Mike Hayes
    Flyers – Alicia, Eric
    Corydon Democrat – Troy

    – Troy, Ben, and Ashley will be responsible for writing the Dirt Bags Manifesto (mission statement). Please submit all of your ideas to them by Nov. 21st!!!

    – ideas for the design of the flyers and the design of a “logo” should be submitted to Prof. Brian, Alicia, or Eric before the end of the week – no later that Nov. 21st!!

    – the flyers advertising the sale need to go up by Dec. 1st!

    – Next Meeting – Nov. 24th. (the monday before Thanksgiving break). 4:30 (pm)

    hmmmm… there’s much more, but I don’t have my notes if front of me.

    Prof. Brian

  4. Prof. Brian says:

    Here are the minutes from the November 24th meeting.

    present at the meeting: Winston Blake, Brick Kyle, Michael Sturgeon, Ashly Bell, Mike Hayes, Ben Hammond, Alicia Osbourne, Kristy Leverock, Rob Wooley, Michael Bell, Eric Helton, Nate Newby, Troy Haggard, Randy Anderson, and Prof. Brian

    – Ben updated us on the development of the mission statement. discussion included ideas for the statement and the purpose of the statement. Primarily we talked about what role clay would play in the club. We talked about how the club should be based in the ceramics department, but be interdisciplinary in it’s focus and inclusion of many medias and disciplines.

    – the group was updated on the ads being placed in the LEO, New Albany Tribune for the sale. The flyer that Eric made will be copied and distributed at the meeting on the 1st of Dec. The small handout flyers that Ashley made are being distributed – we will need to make more of them.

    – we discussed the possibility of having a Dirt Bags wood firing out at Rand’s studio. Rand will come in and give a lecture on it at the beginning of next semester.

    – Ben proposed the idea of the Dirt Bags Ski Trip to somewhere in the area.

    – members signed up for shifts for the sale included set-up and take-down.

    – members signed up to help get the large shelving unit and table from Louisville that Mike Hayes arranged for. Helpers will meet him at 9am at the studio on Sat. the 29th of Nov.

    **next meeting scheduled for Monday the 1st of December**

    that’s it for now….
    Prof. Brian

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