agenda items for next meeting

Post the things you would like to talk about at the next meeting here.  Before the meeting, these ideas will be printed out and brought to the meeting for discussion.  The is an open forum, so this is a brainstorming space as well – a think tank if you will.


2 thoughts on “agenda items for next meeting

  1. Jay says:

    We will be having our first meeting of the new school year on Monday, September 26th at 4:30 PM in the Ceramics Studio. That’s KV 035 for those who don’t know, or one could always go to the bottom floor of Knobview Hall and just follow the dusty footprints on the floors back to their source of origin.
    Among the other topics at our first meeting, we should consider discussing offices and responsibilities for the club, connecting with new students and giving information/answering questions about the Dirt Bags, and deciding on which online presence we will be keeping updated, or if we even want to have an online presence at all.
    Brian has been doing an amazing job of organizing us and setting up our events for the past few years. With all he has on his plate this year, it’s time for us to step to the front and drive this big ugly bus for ourselves.
    I’m sure there’s much more everyone would like to discuss, so please add anything you feel needs to be addressed to the list.

  2. Prof. Brian says:

    Also to discuss:

    – another Dirt Bags Council election
    – what is our web presence / how are we going to communicate with one another?
    – why are we a club? what is our mission?
    – who are we?
    – photographs for the Voice article
    – the future

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