Good meeting today!

Good meeting today!  Jay Whitman is going to be sending out more specific information about what we talked about, but I just wanted to send something out about the Dirt Bags Council and our blog.

The council is our governing structure, we use this method rather than president/vice president, etc.  This way the duties of organizing the group are more balanced among the Council members and less weighed on one person.  Anyway, we need to elect our Council for this year.  At the meeting, three people nominated themselves to run for Council – Stephanie Smith, Jay Whitman, and Amelia Wise.  In the past, we have had a council of six (but its not necessary to have that exact number), so if you are interested in being on the Council – please e-mail me at so that I can put you on the list.

We also took down names and email addresses for people that wanted to be authors on the Dirt Bags blog.  Again, please email me at if you want to be able to contribute to the blog.

AND … our facebook group is at so go there and connect up with that.  Our Facebook page will serve as our method of communicating and our blog will be more of an archive of stuff that we do (and maybe some discussion)

So, keep an eye out for Jay’s e-mail later.

We are all Dirt Bags.



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