Minutes from Oct. 14th meeting

Dear Fellow Dirtbags,

During today’s meeting we had general discussion about some upcoming events, including possible
new events, and we have made some plans for them accordingly.  The remaining Dirt Bags related events
for this semester are:

– October 27th, Possible collaboration with the the Arts Council in New Albany with an art sale (Troy is attaining more details)
– October 28th, Raku Potluck 2: The Search for Fire
– October 29th (tentative), Halloween Party (Kirsten will be gathering confirmation of times and other details)
– November 18th,  The Dirt Bags Art Sale

Details about the Art Sale Collaboration with the Arts Council  and the Halloween Party will be emailed
out as Troy and Kirsten get them
The 2nd Raku Potluck will be slightly different from the last one as the actual Raku firing will begin earlier than the “Party” itself
If you are interested in getting one of your pieces fired, or if you would like to bring some food, sign up on the blackboard in ceramics
Time: Show up food in tow @ 7ish – Whenever
The Dirt Bags Art Sale was discussed at the meeting and so far here is a list of who has volunteered to do what jobs:

– Facebook Event: Kirsten
– Fliers: Alicia
– Press release: Sue
– Leo: Jay
– Get tables from maintenance department: Brian
– Coffee pot cleaner: Ashley
– Buy Donuts: dirt bags
– Email to the faculty: Brian
– Informational Flier: Philip

if you would like to sell your work at the Dirt Bags Art Sale, understand that 50% of your sales go to benefit the Dirt Bags Art Club and
Bring the work you would like to sell to the Ceramics Studio after 4:30pm the night before the sale

Sign-up for shifts to work the Art Sale will be up in the ceramics studio soon.
We also discussed having a reject show for the work that gets rejected from the student show, but no definite details
have been officially decided upon.
– There will be a vote for the ye or nay on the 27th art sale
– Shifts for the DB Art Sale
– Confirm Dates and times for tentative events
Last but not least, if some of you get this email really soon, be a minch and head over to the SpaceLab to see some really fly paintings by Kristy Leverock

If someone who attended the meeting notices I missed something please bring that to our attention, otherwise




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