Info from 9/16 meeting

Today at the meeting, we spent most of the time talking about what the governing duties should be for the Dirt Bags Council.  It was agreed upon that the persons responsible for each duty would also be responsible for designing and working with others in the group to get whatever they are working on done.

The jobs so far are:

Public Relations:
– creating publicity materials for events
– getting the word out about the Dirt Bags and events that are taking place
– identify venues for where to get the word out (newspapers, websites, etc.)

Event Coordinators:
– brainstorming and taking advice from members about events to plan
– finding venues for events
– planning and designating jobs that need to be done to implement proposed events
– follow through with desired events

Visiting Artist Ambassador:
– assisting visiting artists
– coordinating events related to workshop/lecture

Recruitment Officers:
– getting word out about meetings
– getting word out what we do, who we are, how to join
– collect e-mail addresses from prospective members

– taking notes at meetings
– writing down the minutes from meetings and posting them on the blog/website

– planning and organizing the food to be consumed at meetings and events

We also confirmed the date for the Holiday Sale – November 18th, 2010.  Please e-mail me if you foresee any problems.

We discussed how we could implement a way that there is only one e-mail list of the current members.  We talked about how we need to have the list be accessible by all of you.  So, a few minutes ago, I set up this e-mail account for us to use –  I will send out the password in the next e-mail, but first I would like to see if there are people that are on the list that don’t want to be.

The next meeting is next Thursday, 9/23 from 12:15 – 1:00 in the ceramics studio.  Items on the agenda so far are:  more discussion on duties and responsibilities, generating an event list, and the mission statement

That’s it for now!

See you in the studio
Prof. brian


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