Info from Sept. 9th meeting

Morning Everyone,

Just thought I would fill you in on the details from the Dirt Bags meeting today:

  • we discussed what the governing structure of the Dirt Bags will be for the upcoming year and whether or not we will use a governing council (as we did last semester) or elect a president, vice president, etc.  After discussion, we voted to elect members of a governing council.
  • It was decided that anyone that is interested in running for Dirt Bags Council needs to e-mail me to put their names on the ballot before this Friday at noon
  • Over the weekend, I will compile the names into a ballot and we will vote by e-mail during the first part of next week (probably Mon and Tues) and after the ballots are counted, I will e-mail everyone with the list of the new council members
  • We have scheduled another meeting Thursday, Sept. 16th from 12:15 – 1:00pm during which we will discuss further plans and objectives
  • Shawn talked about how Preston’s has offered to help the Dirt Bags in some way and asked that everyone brainstorm ideas for how they can help us out – we will talk about this at next week’s meeting
  • We tentatively set the date for the Fall Art Sale on Nov. 18th – Please check your calendars to see if you notice any time conflicts or problems with this date – we will confirm this date at the next meeting.

Remember to e-mail me your name right away if you are interested in being a Dirt Bag Council Member!!!  The names are due before NOON this FRIDAY!!

And mark your calendars for a week from this Thursday – 12:15pm (not 12:30 like today)

That’s it for now!

See you in the studio.


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